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Social Media for Business - 23rd Nov 2016

Social Media for Business - 23rd Nov 2016

Most of use Social Media in some way or another on a regular basis, and many businesses have found it an effective way of communicating with their customers.

But what platforms are the most appropriate for your business? How do you create a good customer impression? More importantly, how do you maintain this over time? And how do you deal with a dissatisfied customer when their complaint is there for all to see?

All these questions – and more – will be answered at our free to attend Social Media for Business workshop. You’ll learn how to choose your media, plan a campaign and measure its effectiveness, understand how the special two-way relationships afforded by Social Media can work in your best interests, how it can be used to attract customers, create brand loyalty and increase sales. You’ll learn the do’s – and don’ts – that will determine the success of your strategy, and how this fits in with your marketing and business plans.

Social Media for Business is one of a series of business growth workshops offered via Rural Connect.


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