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RGN Strategic Economic Infrastructure Funds (SEIF)

RGN Strategic Economic Infrastructure Funds (SEIF)

All year one (2015/16) projects are on site and progressing well. Kibblesworth Village Millennium Centre was the first project to complete. Muckles Yard, Rothbury and Shawwell Business Centre, Corbridge are both due to complete in the summer and the Sill at Once Brewed is well underway.

The budget for year 2 (2016/17) is likely to be fully committed following the recent Call in February so Calls for this year are now closed.  The team is always keen to hear about and advise on new projects to develop a healthy pipeline of quality projects. If you have a project please do get in touch.

For further information contact: Julie Bullen, RGN Implementation Officer. Tel 01670 528476  or Email


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