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Google digital garage launch hub in Newcastle

Google digital garage launch hub in Newcastle

Did you know businesses with a strong web presence grow more than twice as fast as those without

You too can use the web to grow your business, your career or even just your confidence online. Google’s Digital Garage project has just opened a brand new hub in Newcastle, and we’re delighted to be working with them to deliver free training and a one-to-one mentoring for businesses across the North East.

At the Newcastle library, Google’s Digital Garage experts are already working hard to deliver free digital skills training to small businesses and organisations looking to use the full power of the internet to go beyond their traditional markets and find new customers locally, nationally and internationally.

The impact of the Digital Garage is already becoming clear - over 88% of businesses that have attended a training session at The Digital Garage state that they have changed the way they run or promote their business online; 68% say they’ve seen positive results - either through increased sales, bookings, web traffic or social media following.

Google will be in the region for the next few months, and are encouraging as many businesses as possible benefit from the Digital Garage.

Get your free digital tune up at the Newcastle Google Garage, or alternatively create your own personalised learning plan online using Google’s suite of in-depth Digital Garage training. Find out more and  register here

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