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Available at Tanfield Lea Business Centre
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Tanfield Lea Business Centre

Offices to rent

There are a number of offices to rent at the Tanfield Lea Business Centre.

G1 Office 828 (currently occupied)
G2 Office 1131 (currently occupied)
G7 Office 1131
G8 Office 757

F1 Office 614 (currently occupied)
F2 Office 135 (currently occupied)
F3 Office 297 (currently occupied)
F4 Office 649
F5 Office 774
F6 Office 343
F7 Office 891 (currently occupied)
F8 Office 462 (currently occupied)
F9 Office 891 (currently occupied)
F10 Office 891
F11 Office 462
F12 Office 891
F13 Office 343
F14 Office 774
F15 Office 297 (currently occupied)
F16 Office 649 (currently occupied)
F17 Office 614 (currently occupied)

S1 Office 614 (currently occupied)
S2 Office 135 (currently occupied)
S4 Office 649
S5 Office 774 (currently occupied)
S6 Office 343
S7 Office 891
S8 Office 462
S9 Office 1787
S11 Office 891
S12 Office 343
S13 Office 774
S14 Office 297 (currently occupied)
S15 Office 649 (currently occupied)
S16 Office 614

Offices to rent

A wide choice of offices to rent