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Available at Novus Business Centre - Seaham
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Novus Business Centre - Seaham

Office Space


We have a number of offices available to rent here at the Novus Business Centre, Seaham which include a 30MBPS broadband internet connection.


R2:  441 sq ft
R3:   97 sq ft
R4:   97 sq ft
R5:   108 sq ft
R6:   387 sq ft
R7:   280 sq ft
R8:   269 sq ft
R9:   258 sq ft
R10:  269 sq ft
R11:  86 sq ft
R12:   258 sq ft
R13:   269 sq ft
R14:   366 sq ft
R15:   366 sq ft
R16:   452 sq ft
R17:   473 sq ft
R18:   570 sq ft
R19:   581 sq ft
R20:   505 sq ft
R21:   258 sq ft
R22:   86 sq ft
R23:   269 sq ft
R24:   258 sq ft
R25:   269 sq ft
R26:   280 sq ft
R27:   581 sq ft
R28:   839 sq ft
R29:   334 sq ft