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Hub of the month – Dissington Hall

Hub of the month – Dissington Hall

Dissington Hall Enterprise Hub reaches some significant milestones in 2019, as described by Mick Brown from March’s Hub of the Month.

The transformation from wedding venue to enterprise hub is now complete as the final “back-of-house” space has been transformed into offices, tenants’ kitchen, toilets and a gym. Sadly, the old wine store no longer houses pallets of champagne but a running machine, weights and a spin bike –much less tempting! One of our on-site tenants moved her long standing child-minding business here at Christmas and already some of our office clients find the new crèche facility very convenient.

The Hub has reached 90% capacity as the newly created spaces have been taken on by existing tenants expanding their businesses. One space, The Old Laundry has been given a contemporary twist with flooring, lighting and fitted storage designed by long-term tenants Contents Design Ltd. Nigel and his team have made this area their own as they continue to go from strength to strength themselves.



Not satisfied with superfast broadband we have successfully applied for the government gigabit voucher scheme. One gigabit capable underground fibre means 1,000 megabits – so it’s a big leap forward in connection speeds that will help us to future-proof the hub. Full fibre (initially at 300Meg this June) provides a symmetrical connection – meaning upload and download speeds will be the same, this is hugely beneficial for so the Hub’s more data hungry tech businesses.

The gym, woodland walking route, bike storage and crèche all compliment the rural location to make workspace that is a more enjoyable and creative place to be – this is an aspect that sets all the Rural Enterprise Hubs apart from conventional urban workspace and is our secret weapon.

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