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Enterprise House Celebrates

Enterprise House Celebrates

Enterprise House has just celebrated another successful year as reported at its recent Annual General Meeting.

Chairman Alastair Dinwiddie said

"I believe our competitively priced offering of personally managed offices and conference facilities, utilising the latest digital technology, in a good location with excellent parking, is second to none. Furthermore, we continue to champion enterprise throughout the Dale providing access to business support, managing the Teesdale Business Awards and holding a monthly Business Networking Group.  This, of course, all helps to make us a visible and a good choice for potential tenants, as well as providing what is now increasingly a unique community service."

Customer Services Manager Lynn Todhunter quoted "In this our 20th year, which we celebrated in May 2018, we hope we can continue to provide Teesdale with a 'uniquely enterprising asset' for many years to come."

Enterprise House is the home to 14 businesses and offers office space in varying sizes from 82 sq ft to 650 sq ft.

 Enterprise House Team
For more information contact:

Lynn Todhunter
: 01833 696750

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