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‘Going the extra mile: Connecting businesses and rural communities’

‘Going the extra mile: Connecting businesses and rural communities’

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has launched a new report calling for investment in neglected rural roads. The FSB found that small businesses are overwhelmingly reliant on roads, with nine in 10 firms placing high value on the network. They also found that rural businesses are even more likely to rely on roads as they often report little or no access to public transport links like rail or buses.


Mike Cherry, FSB national chairman, said:

“The Government is investing in transport – but the lion’s share goes to big flagship projects on the strategic road network. Most small businesses mainly rely on their local roads and public transport, so there is a strong case to prioritise investment in these smaller projects which will help to alleviate congestion and bottlenecks."

You can read more and access a copy of the report via the FSB website

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